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Clothes Pegs Uses other than on the washing line

  1. Clip the bottom of a toothpaste tube with a peg and roll it up to avoid wastage.
  2. Nail or screw two pegs to your garden fence and then use them to hold open a plastic rubbish bag when collecting leaves or other rubbish.
  3. Make angels or toy soldiers by decorating clothes pegs, use the pegs as legs. 
  4. When gluing two objects together, use pegs as mini clamps.
  5. Make a rack for small tools by screwing several clothes pegs to a piece of wood. Ours have holes in the arms to make this easier.
  6. Prevent the flex of your vacuum cleaner from retracting while in use by clipping a peg to it once it’s the length you need. 
  7. Keep packages of biscuits, snacks, cereals or seeds fresh by clipping open packages with a peg. 
  8. Use pegs to clip close open bags of food when putting them in the freezer.
  9. Hold a new hem line in place before you iron it.
  10. Useful in place of tacking stitches or regular pins when using a sewing machine.
  11. Hold paper together with one or more pegs. Unlike bulldog clips our pegs do not rust or shatter; especially useful in warm humid environments such as hothouses or swimming baths.
  12. Spare your fingers by using a peg to grip a nail when hammering it in hard-to-reach places. Ours even resist most hammer blows!
  13. Screw a peg to the kitchen wall to hold recipes up.
  14. Clip pairs of shoes of boots together with a peg to save hunting after one of them.
  15. Supergluing a magnet to a peg gives a clip that sticks to any magnetic surface, e.g. fridges and cooker hoods.
  16. Three pegs can make a mosquito coil holder.
  18. Music score holder, especially useful outside on a windy day.
  19. Target holder for small bore pellet guns. The slugs bounce off our pegs.
  20. Attaching food to a parrot's cage

    (click picture for larger image)
    Janette Tibbett, North Wales

  21. Tying the ends of roasting bags. 220ºC does not bother them at all.

    (click picture for larger image)

  22. Keeping a sieve in place whilst pouring flour. Having two hands on the flour gives you much more control.

    (click picture for larger image)

  23. Attaching plants and food for use in an aquarium.
If you have other unusual uses please send them to us, include photographs if you have any; and we will put them on the website and give you a credit.

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